Red Rooster

Testing & Testimonials


  • University of Minnesota Center for Diesel Research

"The results of the performance and emissions testing of the Red Rooster Diesel Economizer (from ACME Alternate Fuel Systems of Mankato, Minnesota) at the University of Minnesota's Center for Diesel Research show that performance was enhanced and overall NOx emissions were reduced."  -University of Minnesota Center for Diesel Research

  • Mississippi State University Center for Advanced Vehicular


  • Goodyear Proving Grounds 

  • Olsen Ecologic

  • net Technologies

  • Servotech




Truck: 2004 IHC 4300, DT466
3200 gal. bulk tank
Stats: went from 6.8 to 8.8mpg

“The Red Rooster has increased our fuel mileage
by 20% and the increased horsepower is an extra
bonus. Operating a bobtail with propane as part of
the fuel source is a great feeling along with the
great support from the ACME staff.”

Gary France, France Propane Service, Inc.
Schofield, WI

EASTERN Propane Testimonials


Truck: 2006 Sterling, Mercedes MBE9

3499 gal. bulk tank

“We went from 6.08 to 8mpg. Noticeable increase in
power; it climbs hills without shifting; trouble-free

Pete Struble, Fleet Manager of Eastern Propane
Oak Ridge, NJ




TRI-GAS Distributing Testimonial


Truck: 2003 Freightliner FL70 M2, Mercedes, 6.4L 3000 gal. bulk tank
Stats: went from 6 to 8mpg

“This is the smallest motor in our fleet, at 230hp it is a bit of
a dog when my 3000 gallon tank is full, with the Red
Rooster the truck performs more like our other trucks which
are rated at 250hp. Spool-up time is much quicker also hold-

ing engine RPMs up steep hill has improved a lot. We’ve
had the Red Rooster for over 2-years and it runs great.”

Nathan Olin, Tri-Gas Distributing
Traverse City, MI


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