ACME Warranty

ACME Alternate Fuel Systems, Inc., (ACME) an authorized warehouse distributor of alternate fuel system components, will guarantee its products to their customers only as provided for by each manufacturer of the products being sold and in accordance with the manufacturer’s warranty.

Under no circumstance will ACME be liable for any damage or expenses incurred by reason of the use or sale of any such equipment.

ACME assumes no liability regarding the improper installation or misapplication of its products. It is the installer’s responsibility to check for proper installation and if in doubt, contact the supplier.

Under no circumstances will ACME be liable for any labor charges or travel time incurred in  diagnosing for possible defects, removal or reinstallation of equipment, and other related expenses.

The parts sold in this catalog and through our website are replacement parts made by a variety of manufacturers and are designed to be used in the applications indicated herein. References to IMPCO, Technocarb, Prins, ICOM, Aeroquip, Quantum, MSD, Manchester, Century, AFC, Garretson, Beam, Autotronics, Zenith, etc. are meant solely to identify the application for which the part may be used. ACME is a dealer for various companies but the parts sold are not manufactured by ACME and all warranties for the parts are solely those of the manufacture and ACME assumes no liability regarding their fitness or appropriateness for a particular use.  


Any product under warranty must be returned to ACME. Prior approval is required before any merchandise can be returned. Please contact us and include the invoice number and purchase date.

We will submit the claim to the manufacturer for warranty approval. Until the warranty is approved, all merchandise will be billed out at our normal selling price.